RAPID is a web-based branch management system designed for retailers, caterers and other organisations with a distributed branch network. Rapid improves communication and management control and ensures that remote sites have the information they need to serve customers effectively.

RAPID can be accessed from PCs, laptops, tills, tablets and smart phones, and controls all aspects of branch communication including document distribution, data collection and collation, action monitoring and the resulting activities and workflows.


  • Document library to ensure that your staff have access to the latest version of the documents that they need to do their job: promotional, compliance, health and safety and merchandising information, documents and forms
  • Action messaging to provide instant alerts and to monitor compliance and the completion of actions
  • Flexible forms – design your own forms and collect key information from remote sites. Add workflow alerts to head office managers for key events like customer complaints, trading performance alerts and accidents.
  • Rotas and timesheets to schedule staff to meet customer demand and budgets. Comprehensive reporting and interfacing to payroll.


  • Increase the efficiency of remote branch operations by automating processes and simplifying data entry, cashing up, banking, and petty cash reconciliations
  • Highlight discrepancies and provide central control
  • One point and channel of communication for stores instead of ad hoc emails and telephone calls from various sources
  • A daily “to do” list that focuses store management on the priorities for the day ahead and allows them to report back on their actions
  • Timesheets and rotas which allow staff levels and attendance to be managed within budgets
  • Cash management and reconciliations which record all transactions, highlight any discrepancies via overspend alerts and provide a central control
  • Reduced administration in stores allowing them to focus on improved customer service and productivity
  • Multiple language facility allows for international operations
  • A project management system from which you will immediately see the cost saving to your business

RAPID can be purchased as individual modules, configured for your business, to give you a system tailored to your needs.