About us

Rapid Answers

Rapid Answers designs, develops, implements and supports the RAPID site and store management system that enables multi-branch organisations to standardise and structure processes, and ensure consistency across their locations.

RAPID is targeted at both retail and catering organisations:-

  • retailers that are fed up with inconsistent store standards and poorly executed campaigns – companies who wish to manage activities in stores in order to improve sales performance and staff productivity
  • caterers who are fed up with paper and spreadsheet based administration systems – companies who wish to have instant trading information and to improve efficiency and staff morale in their kitchens.

RAPID is a cloud-based store and kitchen management system that controls all aspects of remote branch communication: document distribution, data collation, staff scheduling, finance management, action monitoring and the resulting activities, and workflows. Our clients have realised the restrictions of communicating by email, phone, paper & faxes and wanted to implement a single “go-to” place for all store and kitchen information and actions.

RAPID provides the controls to standardise processes and ensure consistency in store management for retailers and in how catering organisations operate multiple kitchens.

Rapid Answers is a trading name of Retail Answers Limited, which has been providing outstanding service to its customers for many years.

Retail Answers

Retail Answers has over 20 years of experience in the retail and contract catering industries, providing the RAPID branch management system and consultancy services to retailers and caterers.

We are experts in the business processes required in branch management and work with multi-site organisations to achieve significant improvements in profitability through the successful implementation of technology.

These services have been improving retailers’ business processes and their return on investment in IT systems.