Retail Systems

If you’re looking for a retail system that will allow your head office to manage and communicate with multiple stores, then the RAPID retail system will ensure you achieve consistency and control in your retail operations.

RAPID uses the very latest retail systems technology to ensure that communication with and control of your stores is centralised and concise, meaning you will see the benefits from day one:

  • All communication for stores comes from one central point and within one software system, instead of numerous emails, messages and telephone calls
  • All forms, promotional and merchandising, compliance and health and safety documentation are stored in an easy to use document system
  • Stores receive a daily to-do list which allows them to quickly identify and focus on the priorities for the day, which they can easily then report back on
  • The timesheets and rotas retail systems software enables for staff levels and attendance to be managed alongside payroll
  • Cash management function records all purchases and till takings and reconciles to central finance control
  • A reduction in administration for stores, means they can focus on productivity and customer service instead
  • RAPID retail systems technology is available in multiple languages and so is suitable for international companies
  • Cost savings to your business will be apparent from day one

The RAPID retail information system is a completely tailored system to your needs as all the modules can be purchased individually. You can read how some of our existing clients such as The Factory Shop and Thomas Pink have recognised the benefits of RAPID retail management software for their businesses.

To find out more about RAPID IT retail systems, please email us or telephone 01372 272800 and we will be delighted to demonstrate how this latest retail technology can work for your company.