T(n)S revolutionises site operations with RAPID

T(n)S Catering Management Limited is an award-winning company creating and enhancing a new style of management for the provision of catering services in the Business & Industry, Healthcare and Education Market Sectors. T(n)S is one of the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work for and Best Companies two-star organisation built on values including excellent service and overachieving customer expectations every day.

T(n)S had been looking to find a system to improve the flow of information round the organisation, to simplify operations in sites and to automate functions wherever possible. T(n)S selected RAPID due to its track record, the breadth of its functionality and the flexibility of its form designer to tailor the key forms for purchases, free issues, sales entry and reconciliations. The RAPID site diary & workflow functionality ensures that all users are prompted for the important actions and the completion of these actions is monitored.


The roll out of RAPID across the T(n)S facilities has created an immediate impact including:
• Removal of duplicate data entry
• An improvement in accuracy due to data validation, a single version of each transaction and removing the reliance on spreadsheets
• Automated interfaces feed data into the accounts system with minimal effort
• Reduced time spent in administration at the sites, allows staff more time to spend on food and service delivery, customer interaction and compliance.
• Immediate trading information with alerts encourages speedy actions

A Site Manager said

“Since the introduction of RAPID, I have found it very easy to use, it is very quick & simple to enter purchase invoices and cash takings, it is very good that you can go back and look at invoices previously put on the system just by entering the week end date if you need to check something.

I have a lot of free issues to enter each week including multiple ones using the same cost code in a week, it is very simple to enter onto RAPID and easy to go back and check what you have already entered is correct and matches what will be sent to the client, from the various hospitality forms and free issue sheets I receive daily.

I believe RAPID to be a great improvement to the WRS system (the previous bookwork system), it’s simpler and quicker to use and prevents you from missing important data such as dates and invoice numbers.”

Natasha Cox, Finance Director at T(n)S said “RAPID has been flexible and very user friendly for site, operational and head office staff. It enables us to meet our internal processes and our client’s reporting needs. As a company, Rapid Answers delivers the same values as we do of excellent service and exceeding customer expectations.”