RAPID provides seamless store communications at Thomas Pink

alt Background
Thomas Pink is a leading British shirt maker and has brought contemporary freshness to Jermyn Street whilst maintaining the British tradition of luxury shirt making. Pink has become an international success story with stores in the UK, US, Europe and Far East including the world’s largest shirt store on Madison Avenue, New York.  As part of the organisation’s relentless pursuit of excellence in customer service, Thomas Pink has selected Retail Answers to enable store and head office personnel to share and act upon the most powerful resources of all – information.

 Project summary
Retail Answers has implemented its RAPID intranet system utilising the existing POS tills, back-office PCs and communications infrastructure. Key features included:

  • Store and head office look-up
  • Simple access to key corporate, promotional and MIS documents
  • Enhanced product search and information
  • Delivery and goods in transit reporting specific to Thomas Pink from the Mercatus system
  • Touchscreen capability allows access from POS tills
  • Logon and security options for individuals and locations – head office, regions and stores
  • Secure browser to prevent store access to the Internet
  • Advanced look and feel to capture the identity of the world-renowned brand
  • Easily configurable names and terms to allow deployment in multiple languages


Key benefits to Thomas Pink included:

  • Instant store and product lookup to facilitate intra-store communications and a more responsive customer service
  • Maximised benefits from the investment in head office systems by extending their functionality to stores in a controlled environment
  • Flexible terms setup has allowed RAPID to support international expansion – the system is now live from Paris to Beijing


Peter Mila, CIO at Thomas Pink said “PINKSync, powered by RAPID, is enabling our stores across the world to maintain excellent customer service by providing information consistently, innovatively and in real time.”