RAPID provides brilliantly simple store operations at The Factory Shop

The Original Factory Shop was established in 1969 and is one of the fastest growing retailers in the UK with over 190 stores across the country. Caroline Welch, retail operations manager at The Factory Shop, was charged by her new managing director to implement “brilliantly simple store operations”.  This needed to provide a one-stop information shop to combine diaries, emails, actions, contacts and new information into one place.  Improving accountability for completing tasks and simplifying the process of carrying out regular actions such as consumable orders and store audits were also essential.  

After considering an internally-built solution, The Factory Shop decided to implement Retail Answers’ RAPID store management system as it had the style and substance required. The Factory Shop was impressed by RAPID’s simple and foolproof user interface, targeted communication channels and action monitoring capabilities, along with the facility for its staff to create their own bespoke forms to collect key information from stores.

The roll out of RAPID across The Factory Shop estate created an immediate impact including:

  • Better executed promotions due to news and action points being in a single location
  • A reduction in paper and a guarantee that accurate, up to date information is always available to the stores
  • A robust business process for ordering consumables and supplier direct products
  • Tailored forms to manage audits, maintenance requests and collect information such as promotional materials required per store

The Factory Shop was particularly impressed with the proactive and efficient support it received from Retail Answers, and RAPID’s easy-to-use interface meant staff were able to use every aspect with minimal training.

“RAPID has met the objective of achieving brilliantly simple store operations  and has significantly improved the effectiveness of our store staff.  We are looking forward to working with Retail Answers to deliver even more benefits in the future” Caroline Welch, The Factory Shop Retail Operations Manager