Menu Analyser Marketing Agreement

Rapid Answers & MenuAnalyser are delighted to announce that we have signed a joint marketing agreement.  The combination of the Rapid site & restaurant management system with Menu Analyser’s comprehensive nutritional analysis, including allergen warnings, portion control and costing for both menus and recipes provides a compelling offering for our customers.

MenuAnalyser analyses recipes and menus providing comprehensive nutritional analysis, including allergen warnings, portion control and costing.  This enables its customers to:-

  • Comply with the new EU Food Information For Consumers legislation
  • Show caterer’s customers that their well-being is your top priority
  • Attract new customers who have special dietary requirements

The key benefits of MenuAnalyser are:-

 One-glance Special Dietary Requirement and Allergen Warning reports at menu level for the use of serving staff
There is great scope for improvement in staff education in nutrition across the industry. These reports alone could potentially enable the caterer to avoid a £5,000 fine or a serious illness to a customer.

 A qualified Nutritionist on the management team
Teresa Dupay has over 20 years of experience as a nutritionist and has a broad range of knowledge, especially regarding nutrition for children and older people.

An excellent level of Customer Service 
A wealth of information on its website that is of help to its customers, particularly regarding the new EU legislation.  MenuAnalyser puts great emphasis on educating its customers with articles and blogs on the website as well as advice always available on the telephone or by email.

The customer is responsible for sourcing the nutritional information for missing ingredients and that service is provided as part of the package. In the case where the customer provides the nutritional information, MenuAnalyser will always check its validity before adding it to its database. This protects the customers from themselves, if you will.

Great testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers
Case studies from Avante Partnership (feeding 2,700 people every day) and others are published on the website.

A QR code for every dish is provided
This is particularly relevant for contract caterers and schools.

The chef can specify ingredients in chef-friendly units such as ladle, handful, dessertspoon, etc.
This makes it very simple to use in the kitchens.

The facility to produce supplier order lists

According to the Sustainable Restaurant Association, reducing food waste from spoilage or outdating by just 10% a year by implementing more efficient ordering procedures, will save the average commercial kitchen up to £4,000 per annum. MenuAnalyser has the facility to produce supplier order lists by recipe or menu.

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